Bethany Tinsley - BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

Morris & Spottiswood LTD

Why did you choose a degree apprenticeship?

I chose a degree apprenticeship to get the best of both worlds; by gaining hands on practical experience, whilst also studying and continuing in education. I felt this route could provide me with the best initial pathway to my future career as a qualified professional.

Looking back over your time on the apprenticeship so far, how have you found the whole experience?

The experience has been enjoyable yet challenging. Working full-time whilst studying part-time can be difficult, however I have found a way to balance my workload alongside my studies. I’ve found that already working within the industry gives me real insight when we are learning content and it is helpful to be able to apply the knowledge within my day-to-day job.

How are you hoping a degree apprenticeship will support your career progression?

The apprenticeship will provide me with support whilst I continue to learn and train, which should help my career and ensure I become a well-rounded surveyor.

What impact has your degree apprenticeship had in the organisation?

The immediate team around me are aware that I am studying, and I often seek advice and help from my senior colleagues. My supervisor and the senior management team are supportive and often ask for updates on how I am progressing at university. The organisation I work for has a real focus on apprentices and a commitment to helping young talent progress within the business.

How would you describe the support that you’ve received from the University of Salford?

The support from the University has been great. Although there has been less face-to-face interaction due to the pandemic, the support has still been there via other online methods. In addition to lecturer support provided, as an apprentice I have additional support through my apprenticeship Link Tutor Ru, which is really helpful.

Do you have any advice for future degree apprentices?

My advice for any future degree apprentices would be to ensure you ask questions in the workplace - this will help you grow in your role. I would also say when you are learning the content from university, always think about ‘how does this link to my job’ and ‘would applying this to my role help me progress’.

Would you recommend a degree apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend a degree apprenticeship. It allows you to learn skills in a real working environment whilst also studying and completing your degree.