Hannah Ross- PEQF-PCDA

Greater Manchester Police

Why did you choose to study an apprenticeship?

This was the route available to me to join GMP as a response Police Officer, which has been my dream career since I can remember. I acknowledged that I can achieve a degree whilst starting my lifelong career and getting some invaluable experiences under my belt at the same time.

Looking back over your time on the apprenticeship so far, how have you found the whole experience? 

I was sceptical at first, as I wanted to get stuck into Policing and not spend loads of my time in a lecture theatre, but it has been staggered well to allow me time to do some practical policing whilst surrounded by experienced Officers, as well as time to reflect on the steep learning curve I am currently on.

How would you describe the support that you’ve received from the University of Salford?

It’s been quite rocky getting started – I am in the first ever cohort for GMP and UoS. However, I have always felt listened to and I can see changes happening for future cohorts on the back of feedback 
myself and my colleagues have given to UoS, which makes me feel valued. I have always known who I can speak to regarding issues about different areas of my course and have always had positive  feedback to help me do well in my assignments.

What has been your proudest achievement on your apprenticeship to date?

Despite the anxiety I have felt in some situations whilst on response, due to a lack of experience and self-confidence, I have pushed myself to get stuck in and have come out the other end of tutor phase feeling somewhat knowledgeable, more confidence in myself and safe in how I operate.

What do you want to do once you complete your apprenticeship?

My long-term goal is to join TVIU.

Short-term, I want to stay on response for a few years, gaining experience and getting my initial pursuit and taser courses completed. I’m also interested in becoming a tutor as I feel I will learn 
from experience on the PCDA entry programme, to be able to pass this on to future student officers.

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

Be prepared to feel overwhelmed at first – you’re about to embark on a very steep learning curve! My biggest advice is to stay organised and remind yourself to trust the process – it’ll help keep your 
head above the water whilst you build on your knowledge and experience.