School of Science, Engineering & Environment 25.05.24

Student overcomes health challenges and bags a First

We have collectively learnt many things throughout the pandemic. Life is unpredictable and there are some circumstances that you can never plan for.  

Oliver Ryder, a Biomedical student at The University of Salford, faced health issues whilst studying for his degree. But undeterred and with a determination to continue and succeed, he has now been awarded a First-class degree. 

Oliver underwent spinal surgery to remove tumours at the top of his spine and was required to take a year out as part of his recovery. For his final year, he balanced studying with physiotherapy treatment that included learning how to walk again. 

Dr Caroline Topham, Programme Leader Biomedical Science and Oliver’s personal tutor said: “I am so proud of Oliver and the First degree is so deserved. He worked incredibly hard - not only did he have to adapt to a new way of working because of the pandemic, but he was also in recovery from his operation.”  

When asked why he chose Salford as a place to study, Oliver said: “I chose this course as I have a keen interest in the human body and wanted to learn more about how the body is affected by disease and how current and emerging treatments can be used to treat them. Biomedical Science at Salford offers a wide variety of modules that has allowed me to graduate with a broad knowledge base. I was also attracted to Salford as the Biomedical Science program here is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science.” 

Oliver is now planning to pursue teaching to pass on his knowledge and passion for the subject. 

He added: “Come and see the campus (if COVID allows) and talk to the lecturers to see first-hand what the university has to offer for your chosen course and socially. I have had a great time.”