Technology transfer

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Salford’s research creates new and innovative technologies, designs, products and ideas that can potentially be commercialised. The University’s Technology Transfer Office works with academics, commercial and industrial partners to develop these innovations into market-ready offers.

Each innovation is unique, so we draw on internal and external commercial experience and business knowledge in order to work with partners to structure the right licensing deal.

In some cases, we take our innovations to the market through the creation of a spin off company. 

Whatever route is most appropriate, our Technology Transfer specialists ensure that any intellectual property created through our research activities is used for the benefit of the University, society, industry and the wider economy. 

We are also able to help our industrial partners to find solutions to specific business problems through our close relationships with the university’s research base. 

Case Studies

Salsa Sound

Salsa Sound Ltd is a spin off company from our Acoustics Research Centre working on next generation audio technologies for live sports broadcasts. The company offers a range of artificial intelligence driven automatic audio mixing solutions for the live sports broadcast industry and has received several awards, including a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, and is a winner of the Manchester City Start Up Challenge.

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Salvalco has developed the ‘eco-valve’, a major breakthrough in aerosol valve technology. The eco-valve was developed by the university’s Spray Research Group. Salvalco valves allow aerosols to use sustainable propellants, such as compressed air or nitrogen, giving a significant environmental benefit and a far safer option to conventional propellants, most of which are highly inflammable greenhouse gas contributing hydrocarbons. The business has backing of the Foresight-Williams investment group and Beiersdorf, the venture platform of the skin care products group, which counts Nivea among its brands.

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Carbon Air

Carbon Air Ltd originated from the Acoustics Research Centre and uses the novel properties of activated carbon to offer a range of solutions to industry, such as within advanced air suspension systems for cars and other vehicles. Carbon Air is backed by Mercia Asset Management. 

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ProtectED is the trading name of Student Safety and Wellbeing CIC, a not-for-profit membership organisation which provides the first UK membership network and accreditation scheme student safety, security and wellbeing.

The CIC licenses the intellectual property of the ProtectED Code of Practice and other support materials from the University. 

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Incanthera plc

Incanthera acquired University of Salford spin out Onco-NX to complement its portfolio of cancer therapeutic technologies. Incanthera is a revenue-generating, UK-based, oncology therapeutics company focusing on drug discovery and development of targeted medicines for the treatment of cancer.

Incanthera became a public limited company in 2020.

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