Research Data Management

The University of Salford is committed to innovative, impactful and visible research focused on addressing global challenges. We encourage all researchers to responsibly manage their research data ensuring that where possible, our valuable data is openly available for reuse in future research projects worldwide.

The University Research Data Management Policy outlines the University’s approach to establishing best practice in research data management throughout the data lifecycle. The policy’s primary application is to ensure current and future research data are discoverable and accessible.

The University of Salford defines research data as ‘information created, observed or collected in the course of research which is necessary to support or validate a research project’s observations, findings or outputs’. We store and share our openly available research data via our Figshare data repository. Statistics are available, providing live and historical data about the views and downloads of our datasets.

The Library provides a Research Data Management service to all our staff and research students, providing support throughout the research lifecycle. For more information please contact