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Salford Business School Research achieved the biggest growth in research quality among the business schools in the North West  with 140% growth in world leading research and with 40% of its impact judged as  outstanding in REF 2014 assessment. Our  outstanding impact in Sports Business is highlighted through our development of EA SPORTS Player Performance Index, the official ratings system of the Barclays Premier League. Our vision is to develop next-generation business, management and law research that is industry-relevant and digitally-informed.

We leverage the historical reputation of the University in technology-led, applied innovation by organising resources around our multi-disciplinary sector-based centres and our four discipline groups.

We have a compelling record of generating research in partnership with: SMEs—we are a top 5 University for SME engagement (Witty Review); city-regions, regional government, and international organisations; international rail operators; rail trades unions; national and international sports and gaming administration agencies; football governing bodies and professional football leagues; gambling regulatory authorities and policy makers.


Dr David Kreps
Research Centre Director

Salford Business School Research Centre
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Research Groups

Centre for Digital Business

Do you know your wearables from your nearables? How could you use augmented reality or virtual reality  in your digital business? Are you up to date with jargon like CX (customer experience), growth hacking or responsive web design? Furthermore, how ready is your business for new emerging digital technologies?

But how do we value Digital business? It underpins startups, SMEs and global organisations. It is clear that it drives economic growth, creates jobs and even makes sure our shopping arrives on time!

Is your organisation ready to be the next big thing? Here, within our centre we know digital business is more than company websites. It is now about  transforming business models and data that will drive your organisation forward.

What does the Centre for Digital Business do?

Technological change challenges any business. Some do not have skilled people. Many are not equipped to complete in digital environments. Other may not actually feel need to change. Recently, the High Street has shown how even larger organisations fail. Big names like HMV, Kodak and Thomas Cook have failed to evolve business models and align organisational and IT strategies. This failure to acknowledge changing digital technologies means many big players have been caught out. So, what hope is there for independents, startups or SMEs?

Our award-winning centre provides support to the local business community and beyond. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, hosting of social media Boot-camps, running commercial one day courses or strategic research internships through our MSc students are ways we work with local and global business.

How can we help businesses become digital?

Our centre's international research reputation focuses on supporting digital businesses through both national and international projects. Furthermore, our knowledge is also available through free online resources such as MOOCs, blog posts, case studies, conference papers and ultimately the courses we offer within Salford Business School. Consequently, we believe we are transforming lives of individuals free of charge through a community for learning and enquiry that helps organisations transform operations and harness the power of digital business.

So email us now and find out how we can help. Or why not follow us on Twitter @DBcentresalford to find out even more?

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Dr Marie Griffiths and Dr Gordon Fletcher

t: 0044 (0)161 295 4237 // e:

Centre for Sports Business

The Centre for Sports Business' work was judged 4* (world leading) at REF 2014: "The case study on the Player Performance Index for Professional Football was assessed as outstanding in terms of reach and significance" (Business and Management REF 2014 panel feedback).

Our mission is to be a global leader in Sports Business Analysis.

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Professor Chris Brady
t: 07956575278

Centre for Social Business

The Centre for Social Business is a dedicated centre within the University of Salford, established to undertake inter-disciplinary research on Social Business. Our work cuts across many themes such as sustainable communities, microfinance, social entrepreneurship and business ethics.

Our purpose is to:

  • Develop a local, national and international hub for research and researchers which helps to inform business practitioners, academics and new generation researchers;
  • Lead the local, national and international development of social business practice through the creation and dissemination of high quality research;
  • Develop local, national and international industry relationships through a dedicated programme of training and education on social business

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Centre Director: Dr Morven McEachern (

Centre Co-Director: Dr Kevin Kane (

Finance, Accounting and Economics

Research in Finance, Accounting and Economics generates insight into the economic impact of changes in real and financial markets, in financial reporting, and in society as a whole.

We undertake research in mainstream finance and accounting (eg. capital structure; the diffusion of innovations in accounting practices). Our research also forges interdisciplinary links with economics, law, social science, health and well-being, and considers the social impact of the discipline on a wide range of organisations nationally and globally.

More information about Finance, Accounting and Economics research at the University of Salford.

Labour Law and Industrial Relations

This group is part of a network of affiliated scholars in labour and employment law, industrial relations and human resources management that spans higher education institutions and other organisations. We do collaborative research into the legal rules and other forms of regulations that govern the eligibility to perform work. Our main focus is employment and trade union law. Research areas include labour market trends, professional and occupational regulation, and the political elements that influence employment legislation.

More information about Labour Law and Industrial Relations research at the University of Salford.

Marketing and Strategy

The Marketing and Strategy Unit at the Salford Business school is very keen to conduct research in areas that are socially relevant and utilises the latest theoretical frameworks in academic domains that contribute towards thinking in the broad areas of marketing and strategy. In our research initiatives we always keep in mind the need to address the larger international audience of researchers and practitioners. We always strive to achieve excellence so that our research outputs contribute significantly towards theory development and appeals to a worldwide community of researchers in their particular research domains. Members of this area have used a variety of methodologies in pursuing research by choosing research paradigms appropriately to suit the context.  The academic unit is always committed to pursue research in the most advanced areas of marketing and services management with a view to contribute to the mission and vision of the business school in the long run.

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Professor Sunil Sahadev

t: ++44 (0)161 295 3096

Operations and Information Management

We advance knowledge that supports value creation for stakeholders in global operations, supply chain and logistics management, reliability of technical systems, maintenance management, and quality systems. Salford Business School is globally recognised in pioneering exceptional business partnerships, and we are leaders in the provision of real world experiences in preparing our students.  In addition, these collaborations are nurtured to develop large scale projects that impact global operations stakeholders. These partnerships will provide you with the systematic acquisition of advanced academic knowledge to support, explore and develop high-level skills in the field of Operations and Information Management.

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Prof Phil Scarf

t: +44 (0)161 295 3817

Law and People Management

Our research embraces the work of a diverse set of established and emerging scholars in the broad areas of people management and law practice. Colleagues have actively engaged in research and knowledge transfer activities such as research-informed teachings and KTP projects. Colleagues are proud to disseminate their latest research findings at both British and international conferences, and also involved in HR policy making, industrial relations enhancement and business consultancy projects across the world. Senior colleagues often serve as editorial board members and act as referees for prestigious peer-reviewed journals, e.g., Work Employment & Society, British Journal of Industrial Relations, British Journal of Management, Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Human Resource Management Journal, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. Colleagues have received research grants from ESRC, British Academy, NSC and shared knowledge with academic community and general public.

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Prof Kirk Chang

t: +44 (0)161 295 2247