Building on the history, success and achievements of the research in Computer Science and Information Systems developed at the University of Salford over the last thirty years.

Evolving around Data and Information in all their types and usages, the Centre covers all phases and processes from data pre-processing to engineering and visualisation.

The Centre is developing novel methods and systems for the analysis and recognition of various data sets, learning behaviours and causal models. The techniques and systems developed have a wide range of potential applications including digitisation of historical documents, medical diagnosis, semantic tagging, segmentation of types of viewers and their behaviours, text mining and retrieval and data visualisation.

Forensic computing, digital investigation and Cyber security is another area of expertise supported by the Centre both at the theoretical and application levels.

Areas of research

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The Centre's research covers the following topics:

  • Actionable knowledge discovery and semantic web
  • Software engineering and applications
  • Big data, data mining and analytics
  • Image and document processing and analysis
  • Cyber security and forensics
  • Information visualisation and virtual environments.

Informatics Research Centre

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