Autonomous Systems & Advanced Robotics (ASAR)

Robotics Robot

ASAR is an internationally leading Research Centre with excellence in Soft Robotics, AI, embodied intelligence and cognition, automation, robot/machine design, dexterous end effectors, legged robots, biologically-inspired robots, haptics/telepresence, Human Robot Interaction, rehabilitation robotics, cognitive robotics and uninhabited autonomous systems.

The Centre has secured awards from the EU Framework Programmes for R&I (FP5, FP6 and FP7), EPSRC, MRC, MOD, Innovate UK, and the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) and has delivered many research initiatives in application areas including Nuclear, Food, Rail, Agriculture, Aerospace & Defence, Healthcare and Automotive.

ASAR has internationally recognised research excellence in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (RAI). It was appointed the home of the National Advanced Robotics Research Centre in 1987 and was the founding member of the Northern Robotics Network, which became the National Robotics Network (NRN). ASAR is a spoke of the EPSRC Future AI & Robotics for Space Hub, a UK national centre of research excellence in space robots and AI funded through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

ASAR is at the forefront of strategic research initiatives funded by the EPSRC, the EU Framework Programmes for R&I, UK Government Departments (BEIS and Defra) and industry.

Our research has been applied in a range of sectors including automotive and aerospace manufacturing, nuclear decommissioning, space exploration, food production, agriculture and in health and social care.

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