University of Salford partner with V Site Pass for collaboration and research on App technology for vaccine passports

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There is much debate on the introduction of a vaccination passport in the UK, as well as globally. 

The University of Salford has partnered with V Site Pass Ltd, a leading digital verification solutions company, to review App technology and undertake research into the ethics surrounding the use of vaccination passports, with ongoing engagement drawing on the academic expertise of the University.

Industry collaboration is a well-establish strategic priority at the University of Salford, with this exciting partnership bringing together academia and industry to understand and explore solutions to the huge issue that we face, as the world battles balancing a new normal with being COVID-safe.

V Site Pass Ltd has developed a smart phone app called ‘Match Fit Pass’ that has the capability to deliver an easy-to-use and secure vaccination passport - including the verification an individual has undertaken a COVID test and the result, and has received a COVID vaccination. The Match Fit Pass App can also be used to access large capacity events such as concerts and sporting events, and potentially pubs and restaurants, as the country starts to unlock. It could enable the economy to get back to normal more quickly.

The partnership agreement will see the two organisations working together to review the functionality/viability of such a scheme and consider the ethics behind it.

Mike Brown, Director of Strategic Partnerships at The University of Salford, said: “We are at the early stages of the partnership that has huge potential to play a critical role in the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.  It has been an incredibly challenging year for all, with universities nationwide doing all that they can to support the government response to the pandemic.  This new partnership provides us an opportunity to work with industry in a unique way and accelerate the deployment of a vaccination passport. As with everything related to COVID-19, it will be driven by the data.

“The topic is a sensitive subject and it’s important we look at the ethics first, this will be followed by combining our knowledge and expertise on digital technology to support a pilot scheme that will be closely monitored by the government.  Long-term, we see the partnership as providing research, employability and learning opportunities to both our student and academic community, and hopefully allowing them to be a significant part of a historic moment in time.”

The Match Fit Pass app will be trialled as a pilot/test scheme for a vaccination passport with discussions currently underway about where it will take place, in what sector and when.

Michael Dodd, CEO of V Site Pass said:  “We are delighted to be working with the University of Salford on this critical project, they were an obvious choice as they have a leading track record of working with industry and delivering results that have a significant and measurable  impact.  Our Match Fit Pass app exclusively uses the Denso Wave Secure QR code technology with facial recognition, making it the world’s first solution to be secured with this game changing technology. By partnering with The University of Salford we hope to increase our understanding of the impacts of this technology and how it can be applied in this new unpredictable world we are faced with.”

“The details for the pilot are being finalised and constantly reviewed as the debate evolves.”

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