University of Salford joins Amazon AWS Academy

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

The University of Salford has announced its participation in AWS Academy, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) programme that helps prepare students acquire the skills and credentials needed to successfully join the cloud IT workforce.

The School of Science Engineering and Environment will begin delivering the AWS Academy curriculum to students enrolled on MSc Data Science from January 2021. The skills the students gain through this programme will prepare them to pursue careers in the fastest-growing cloud computing space and earn industry-recognized AWS Certifications.

Professor Mo Saraee, Programme Leader for the MSc Data Science course, said “As part of our commitment to the employability of our graduates, we are very pleased to make the AWS Academy curriculum available to our students and provide them with the opportunity to explore AWS as an integrated part of their degrees. As most businesses are rapidly deploying cloud technology to effectively manage and process their data and get real-time insights, the nature of the skills profile employees need to thrive in these new digital environments are changing, we want to be able to support learners to acquire these skills. The AWS Academy curriculum will support us tremendously towards this goal.”

“IT professionals with cloud skills are in high demand, and we’re proud to help advance training and learning opportunities for students at the University of Salford,” said Scott McKinley, AWS Academy Team Lead, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With AWS Academy, students will be equipped with the practical skills they need to add value in their first cloud role.”

Students currently enrolled on MSc Data Science course will have access to AWS Academy courses which will be taught by AWS Academy accredited educators who help students become proficient in AWS technology and pursue industry-recognised AWS certifications.

For all press office enquiries please email communications@salford.ac.uk.