The University of Salford and Browzwear partner to prepare aspiring designers for the industry’s 3D tech-power

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

The University of Salford has joined forces with Browzwear, one of the globes biggest 3D technology companies, in a partnership that will make it easier for future fashion designers to develop technology based skills that are in high demand in the fashion industry.

Our BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme will take advantage of the technology which provides students will a skillset that will be a standout for future employers. As part of the new curriculum, students will also have access to Browzwears VStitcher, which can be used to show a student’s creativity in both the classroom and work environments and will give students a chance to take part internships with well-known designer brands.   

Browzwear will offer Salford students access to its on-demand learning platform, Browzwear University, ensuring that their experience with the software is supported both inside and outside of formal teaching sessions.

 “The pace of digital transformation in the fashion industry is accelerating and we’re seeing advancements that you’d expect to take five years be condensed into a few months. Whereas the use of 3D to build and merchandise collections was a rarity just a few years ago, it’s quickly become an imperative, and designers who have cultivated this skillset are in extremely high demand,” said Bashir Aswat, Programme Leader in the School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology.

“By introducing our students to the technology early in their studies and continuing to give opportunities to hone their skills throughout their education, we are confident we are setting both the students and their future employers up for success.”

Lena Lim, Chief Commercial Officer of Browzwear, said: “At Browzwear, we help companies integrate 3D across the entire product lifecycle, from concept to commerce, and we see firsthand that it is quite a challenge for apparel companies to find candidates with 3D skill. We are proud to work with institutions like the University of Salford and prepare the next generation of design talent so both they and the companies they go to work for can fully leverage 3D for success.”

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