University of Salford participate in Climate Innovation Showcase

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The highly anticipated COP26 summit is almost here. Behind the scenes, the COP26 Universities Network, of which the University of Salford is a member, have been working collaboratively to ensure the academic sector has a voice when tackling the climate crisis.

To highlight the work undertaken by universities across the UK, a Climate Innovation Showcase has been launched.  The showcase comprises an exhibition of climate-related research that can be viewed online or in person at The Ramshorn in Glasgow throughout COP26.  The University of Salford’s Energy House Laboratories and the IGNITION Living Lab are included as part of the exhibition.

Mike Brown, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the University of Salford said: “The University of Salford has well-established and world-leading expertise in the areas of both climate change mitigation and adaptation.  We work with industry and businesses to innovate and develop solutions to help combat the climate challenge that we face.

“The research being undertaken by universities plays a vital role in how we tackle climate change not only now but in the future.  The Climate Innovation Showcase is the perfect celebration of work being done by academics and researchers across the UK and we are delighted to have two of our projects featured.”

View the UK Universities’ Climate Innovation Showcase

About our submissions

Energy House Laboratories: Are you living comfortably?

The University of Salford Art Collection, in collaboration with Open Eye Gallery, invited artists McCoy Wynne to undertake a residency at its research facility Energy House that explore energy efficiencies and retrofit options on a Victorian House. 

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The IGNITION Living Lab

The University of Salford is a partner of the £4 million IGNITION project with the mission to support green recovery through sustainable solutions.

The University is home to a Nature-Based Solution (NBS) Living Lab that has seen the installation of a rain garden, living wall, green roof, and a sustainable drainage system for trees on its main campus.

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