University of Salford graduate shines a light on how to enter the world of sport

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The online platform Behind Sport, a site dedicated to telling sports stories, is the creation of a University of Salford graduate Ryan Deane in partnership with the co-founder Jack Glennon.

Ryan Deane graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Professional Sound and Video Technology at the University before completing a Master's in Digital Marketing. He previously worked at the University of Salford as Film Project Officer for the Class of ’92 partnership before moving to Salford City FC as Media and Marketing Manager, with his most recent role being Digital Services Manager at Everton Football Club.

Having successfully navigated into the world of sport, Ryan and Jack decided to share what they have learnt whilst interviewing more than 150 people who work in a variety of roles across various sports from football and cricket to motorsport. These roles include journalists, communications professionals, sports scientists and everyone in between.  

Their vast knowledge and experience is available as an eBook named ‘100 Pieces of Advice for Getting Started in the Sport Industry’ and FREE to download

On the release of their new eBook Ryan commented on how studying at the University of Salford provided him with the necessary tools and experiences to succeed in the world of sport. He said: “At its core, the University of Salford prides itself on its link with industry. This was the key reason I chose to study at Salford and something I valued massively during my time there as an Undergrad and Postgraduate. Combining education with real-world experiences provided me with a platform to implement what I was learning on my degree and develop my skillset.

"This has benefited me in my career in the sports industry with Salford City FC and Everton as well as with Behind Sport and the launch of our eBook ‘100 Pieces of Advice for Getting Started in the Sport Industry’. We created this eBook to share the best advice from professionals working in the sport industry to help the next generation navigate what is a notoriously competitive sector. If we can help at least one person, then it’s been worth it!”

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