University of Salford academic hits the book market with two new releases

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

Dr Paul Rees, Senior Lecturer in Wildlife, has made good use of his time in lockdown, finishing two new books set for publication. The first of these books is entitled Key Questions in Ecology: A Study and Revision Guide (CABI).

The book, which is his 7th to be published, contains 600 multiple-choice questions intended to act as a revision guide for ecology students on college and university courses. It covers a wide range of topics arranged in 10 chapters, such as population dynamics, nutrient cycling, energy flow, community ecology, and ecophysiology, with questions set at three different levels. The book is available now from Amazon and will be followed by his other titles in the same series over the next 18 months: Applied Ecology and Conservation, Biodiversity, Zoo and Aquarium Studies, and Animal Behaviour and Welfare.   

Dr Rees said: “I’m delighted to have this book on the market at a time when there is a clear need for more books to help students to study on their own. I hope this will be an asset to those studying all aspects of ecology”.

His second book, which is about elephants will be published in October and is called Elephants Under Human Care: The Behaviour, Ecology and Welfare of Elephants in Captivity (Elsevier). The 400-page text examines for the first time the biology and conservation role of elephants in zoos, circuses and logging camps. It also considers the ethics and legal difficulties of keeping elephants in zoos. The book contains many photographs, some of which show behaviours not previously documented.

The book is aimed primarily at the scientific community but will also be of interest to students, zoo professionals and anyone interested in elephants. It  is currently available to pre-order from Amazon.

Dr Rees added: “To have not one, but two books coming out so close together is a great personal achievement. The second book in particular means a great deal to me because it is the culmination of a 60-year fascination with elephants.”

Key Questions in Ecology: A Study and Revision Guide (CABI)

Elephants Under Human Care: The Behaviour, Ecology and Welfare of Elephants in Captivity (Elsevier)

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