University co-commission BBC Philharmonic World Premiere piece

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

Bringing science and music together to tell the story of how nature can thrive in an urban environment is the theme for a BBC Philharmonic World Premiere in a special piece co-commissioned by the University of Salford. 

‘Pleasure Garden’ will premiere on Saturday 6th November at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and is based on the original idea of Philip James, Professor of Ecology. The piece explores nature in an urban environment and is based on a bird song before, during and after the industrial revolution.

The piece is composed by Tom Coult, the BBC’s Philharmonic newly appointed Composer in Association, and will be a violin concerto performed by soloist Daniel Pioro.

Professor Joe Sweeney, Dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Environment said: “We are delighted to be part of this world premiere that takes our expertise on the dynamic relationship between nature and people exploring through music how we have evolved to where we are today. With industrialisation, urbanisation spread, and natural habitat has been lost. By understanding where we have been, helps us strive for a better future with this piece bringing together academia and music perfectly to tell the story.”

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Listen to the concert at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10th November on BBC Radio 3.

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