University attends Chinese Consulate General Manchester's New Year Celebration

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

The University of Salford was honoured to be invited to attend the online Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Chinese Consulate General Manchester (CCGM) yesterday (8 February 2021).

Thanks go to CCGM for supporting Salford's Chinese community and making a huge contribution to our Chinese collaboration. Reviewing the last year, it was a challenging but impressive job to work on Engels' film series project with CCGM and China Media Group (CMG), referred by CCGM.

The School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology's Yibing Wang, who worked on the project, said: "We overcame the difficulties of filming whilst adhering to COVID restrictions, closed the gap for different cultures, and created amazing documentary material to remember the historical figure who lived in Salford and Manchester."

Thanks go to CCGM for their work with The University of Salford and their contribution to maintaining the strong friendship between China and Britain.

"In the new year, we hope to undertake further collaborations with CCGM," added Yibing.

Happy Chinese New Year and best wishes to the Chinese community in Salford and Manchester!

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