THINKlab develop drone visualisation platform

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

A new digital platform developed by the University of Salford’s THINKlab will employ drone technology to prepare and respond to environmental disasters.

The drone visualisation platform provides an innovative and effective way to understand the scale of a disaster’s impact on communities.

A range of features form the programme, including the use of drones, which can stream live video directly to emergency operation centres and construct a 3D representation of the disaster area. The platform can be used on laptops, tablets, and large touch screen devices which are used by many disaster management centres.

Developed as part of the MOBILISE project and funded by Global Challenges Research Funds (GCRF) and The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the project gathers information and data from sensors, satellites, city information models and communities to present an innovative 3D collaborative environment for agencies to collaborate and respond to disasters in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan. The platform provides stakeholders with a deeper understanding of vulnerability which can help disaster management agencies to agree on appropriate disaster mitigation measures and build resilience.

Professor Terrence Fernando, Director of THINKlab said: “We are very excited by the opportunities presented by the drone data visualisation environment. We are currently trialling this environment in Sri Lanka for reconstruction projects after landslides and hope to try it out in other contexts and countries.”

The multi-faceted platform can also be used for other applications such as urban planning and construction site monitoring.

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