The University of Salford set to raise the profile of Salford writers in ‘Love your Salford Authors week’

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The University of Salford is launching a new project called Salford Authors in February, to identify and raise the visibility of Salford Authors, with a week of in-person and online events called Love your Salford Authors week.

Image shows: Salford Authors title with image of book shelf

The week, which runs from 12 to 16 of February, kicks off with a free, in-person launch event on Wednesday 14 February, with staff, students and the public all invited.

During the event a range of Salford authors will be giving talks on topics such as their own journey to publication, their research, and how creative and research practice is translated into their writing.

Throughout the week there will be talks available to view online, which aim to demystify publishing, especially open access publishing, and offer tips for those starting their own publishing journey.

David Clay, University Librarian, said: “We created Salford Authors for two main reasons. Firstly, we want to identify Salford-authored works and add these to our collections. By doing this we’re creating an a unique, rich, easy to use collection of Salford-authored materials for everyone to use.

“Secondly, we’ll be able to showcase the work of our Salford authors, including the world leading work published by our academic community, and not just to students and staff, but also to the people of Salford, who possess their own unique creative talents.

“Whether it be writing for stage and screen, or fiction and poetry, people here have contributed a great deal to the written word, as our Salford Digital Archives show, especially our new Salford Literary Collection.

Love your Salford Authors week promises to be great opportunity for people to hear directly from authors about their experience of being published and learn more about the different areas of research and writing done at the University.”

One of the guest speakers at the upcoming launch event is Adam Farrer, who works in the University’s QEO Development Office. Adam is currently working on his second book, following the publication of his award winning memoir of his experiences of life on the East Yorkshire coast, Cold Fish Soup.

Adam said: “I’m so looking forward to speaking at Salford Authors and getting to discuss my work and my journey to publication.

“For me, this was very much a case of failing at a lot of things but persisting until my writing voice clicked into place, supported along the way by Manchester’s always vibrant spoken word scene. Persistence is key though, I think. The way you deal with it and press forward is a vital part of the process.”

Guest speakers at the in person launch event on Wednesday 14 February include:

Those interested in attending any of the events will need to book tickets online. More information about the events, and links to where to book tickets, can be found on the Salford Authors page  - www.salford.ac.uk/library/find-resources/salfordauthors.

Writers interested in being part of the Salford Authors list can find more information on the Salford Authors page - www.salford.ac.uk/library/find-resources/salfordauthors.

For all press office enquiries please email communications@salford.ac.uk.