The Library launches Salford Digital Archives

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A brand new platform is set to transform the University of Salford’s original archive content.

Salford Digital Archives is a new digital platform displaying The Library’s unique and rare primary source content all in one place.

University of Salford Archivist Alexandra Mitchell said: “The platform brings the manuscripts of the Manchester playwright Stanley Houghton, letters about a 19th century invention and photographs of local and industrial landscapes together with an almost complete run of the quirky yet insightful newspaper, Brass Band News.”

Salford Digital Archives makes finding, accessing, sharing, and viewing original archive content online easier and is a valuable resource for students, colleagues and members of the public.

Associate Chief Operating Officer John McCarthy, added: "This is a really exciting opportunity to open up our archives to a board range of audiences. We have such a wealth of unique material that can be used to inspire current students, engage alumni and attract researchers, and be enjoyed by the wider public.  We are also really looking forward to building on this work growing the digital archives through further collaboration and partnership"

You can find out more about the nine key collections on the new platform here:

Stanley Houghton Collection – Houghton was a Manchester writer famous for writing the play ‘Hindle Wakes’ in 1910. This collection consists of manuscripts of unpublished works, first editions and photographs of stage productions from 1912. Digitized from the physical collection held by the University.   

University of Salford Photographic Archive - photographs relating to the history of the University, dated c1890-2011. Includes images of the campus and buildings, honorary graduates, colleagues and events. 

Brass Band News – quirky and unique newspaper about the brass bands and the brass band scene in the UK from the 1880s up to the 1950s. A must for anything interested in brass bands and their history.

Worsley New Hall - photographs, letters, architectural plans and audio recordings about the history of Worsley New Hall, home of the Earls of Ellesmere and now site of RHS Bridgewater. A curated collection created from the holdings of several organisations and the public.  

Bridgewater Department Photographic Collection – photographs of the Bridgewater Canal, dated c1910-c1945. Images show engineering works such as repairs and construction to bridges, docks, barges, warehouses and locks, all digitised from a physical collection held by our external partner Peel Land and Property. 

University of Salford Audio-visual Collection - promotional videos for the University, footage of graduation ceremonies and royal visits, construction of Maxwell Building and student life on campus. Dated c1950s-2000.   

Working Class Movement Library Collection - photographs of demonstrations, strikes and labour disputes, the Manchester Communist Party, Spanish Civil War and women workers, dated c1910-c1980. Digitized from physical collections held by the WCML. 

Richard Badnall Papers – letters and documents about an eccentric 19th century invention, 'The Undulating Railway'. Digitised from the physical collection held by the University.  

Salford Digital Archives is also set to grow with two new collections - Students Unions Newspapers and University of Salford Architectural Plans and Drawings - scheduled for release in April and May 2022, respectively.

Visit the Salford Digital Archives

The University of Salford Art Collection has also launched a new online catalogue, featuring hundreds of recently digitised works from the collection, some made available for the first time online. 

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