Test your skills against a robot at Manchester Science Festival

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We are excited to announce that the Manchester Science Festival is returning this autumn. 

Running from 21-30 October, the festival will explore 'What does the future hold for humanity?'

The University of Salford is returning as Lead Educational Partner. Across the 10-day festival, we'll be running an activity called ‘Robot, Paper, Scissors: Engineering a Hand’, led by Dr Alix Chadwell, Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Health and Society. 

Drawing on the ‘HandBuild/HandAssess’ project, the activity aims to encourage visitors to explore the future of prosthetics and rehabilitation technology. You can read more about the activity below.

Find out more about the festival here.

Robot, Paper, Scissors: Engineering a Hand 

How do you use your hands every day? What would be possible if prosthetics could catch up with the capabilities of real-life limbs?     

Explore these questions further by joining the 'HandBuild HandAssess' Project team at the University of Salford, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Award, to investigate the future of prosthetics.  

Visitors will be able to challenge a prosthetic counterpart to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, programme a robotic hand and even control one using their own muscles. They can also talk to the engineers and researchers making this futuristic technology a reality today. 

Location: Family Zone
Dates: Daily

The set up for 'Robot, Paper, Scissors'

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