Student launches new music label

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A new music label has been launched by a University of Salford student. 


Oliver Buxton, a second year Acoustical and Audio Engineering student and band manager, born in Wilmslow, has launched his business Delux Music Collective to support musicians and offer them fairer treatment.

The idea for the business came after Oliver had noticed that musicians were being treated poorly by promoters in the industry.

He said: “It became very apparent from working with bands and in the industry that a lot of promoters don't treat artists correctly.  

“I wanted to start putting gigs on and events and just making sure that artists were treated correctly and paid right because there's enough money to be made and pay everyone fairly.  

“We've seen so many people drop out of the industry because of it, and that's what I want to prevent more than anything, because there's a lot of artists, that I personally think are doing well based on who they know and not musical merits, whereas I've also seen great artists, dropout of the industry unfortunately.”

He added: “All the events that we run are just for the artist more than anything, I'm not making money as a promoter, to make money as a promoter. I'm doing it for a love of music.”

The business organises all aspects of live music from booking venues, marketing materials, booking artists, photographers and videographers. They also organised Boogie Wonderland at Manchester’s Zombie Shack.  

Oliver has been involved with the Manchester music scene for a number of years and currently manages six artists from the area.

He said: “I've been entirely obsessed with music since I was about 12 and I started going to gigs when I was 14. Then, when I had just turned 18, I started managing bands and it went from there.  

“I'm not musical in the slightest but I love it so much. I've now found a way that I can work in the industry without having to make music. So, I found my place really.”

The Launch @SalfordUni Business Incubator has been supporting Oliver with access to office space, masterclasses and one-to-one sessions with entrepreneurs and experts.  

Oliver said: “I joined Launch because I have no idea about anything to do with business at all, and I just thought I might as well give it a go and apply. I know everything I need to know about music, but I know absolutely nothing about business.  

“I thought if we're going to grow, and we're going to grow properly and I'm going to do this properly, then I'm going to need some help and Launch was just the perfect opportunity to springboard my ideas.”

Oliver added: “I'm so excited just to grow my business mind as well as everything else with skills that I'm going to require for the rest of my life.”

Justyna Turner, Incubation Manager at Launch, said: “Oliver is very passionate about his business plan and has already hosted some wonderful events.

“I believe his business will be a great success and I’m looking forward to seeing how his ideas progress throughout his time with Launch.”  

To find out more about Delux Music Collective visit their Facebook page.

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