Salford academics shine a light on digital transformation in the workplace

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Academics at Salford Business School have worked with industry experts to produce a well needed guide for organisations to undertake strategic digital transformation.


Strategic Digital Transformation

The newly released book, written by Dr Alex Fenton, Dr Gordon Fletcher and Dr Marie Griffiths, is geared towards realising the value that can be achieved with the unique combination of people and technology that is found in every organisation. 

“The goal is to become a people-focused and data-driven organisation,” said Dr Alex Fenton. “Organisations can no longer succeed by being isolated islands of activities. The future is about the collaboration of individuals and organisations in fluid, organic, ways.”

The book, entitled Strategic Digital Transformation: A results-driven approach, picks up on these issues with the goal of supporting the development of these roadmaps by small and medium-sized businesses and aspiring business leaders. 

Dr Gordon Fletcher adds: “We have worked with a range of academic and industry experts in digital transformation to blend theory with real-world practise to discuss examples of digital transformation and to create useful models for the reader’s own organisational transformation.”

In researching for the new publication, the three experts have consulted with employees, entrepreneurs, small business owners, C-suite executives, public servants and third sector leaders, as well talking to developers, marketers and change managers. 

“It became evident very quickly that there are many different ways to tackle digital transformation and there is definitely no single right way,” said Dr Marie Griffiths. 

“However, there is one consistent message that came out of every conversation. Once started, digital transformation is a continuous process that is people focussed and involves the strategic capture and use of data.”

The book is available in paperback, hardback and ebook format. The supporting website contains case studies, articles and a link to purchase the book from Routledge at http://digital-transformation-book.org.uk/

It also contains details of the book launch event at University of MediaCityUK on 4 February 2020.

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