Series of virtual events on Disruptive Technology

Categories: Salford Business School

As technology continues to support the worldwide events community, the University of Salford is launching a public event series on Disruptive Technologies, inviting experts from a host of industries, from fashion to artificial intelligence.

The events are organised by Dr Alex Fenton from the university’s Business School and Professor Andy Miah from the School of Science, Engineering and Environment and will be broadcast across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Each event will be 45 minutes and will focus on conversation around how technology is changing our lives. The regular series kicks off on Tuesday 2 February, with an introduction to the series and the new Disruptive Technology Research Cluster at the university, given by Alex and Andy.

Up to date information and events schedule can be found on the Cluster website

Academics, students and anyone else with an interest in technology is welcome to join for a lively and accessible debate and examples of disruptive technology.

Dr Fenton said: “Technology is constantly evolving, causing different sectors to adapt and improve the way they work. Harnessing that is the also key to the university’s strategy.

“The digital transformation evolution is an exciting area to understand and embrace, which is what I’m hoping these events can help everyone to do: understand and debate the impact particular technologies can have on the world. We warmly welcome anyone with an interest to join us for these events.

“Disruptive technology allows the opportunity for industries to progress in different ways. This series will give industry experts and academics the chance to share how exactly it will do this and open up an area for discussion on.”

Professor Miah said: “There is no more urgent time than now that experts step outside of their discipline and discover what they can learn from others. If you work in biotech today, you better understand artificial intelligence. If you work in fashion, you better understand social media. These are remarkably connected worlds and this series seeks to reveal those points in common.

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