Salford’s Centre for Sustainable Innovation launches new platform to help businesses in digital world

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The University of Salford Business School’s Centre for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) merges the worlds of academia and industry, to allow businesses to access tailored support to help them grow and thrive by working alongside the institution’s expert academics.

The Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI) has been funded as part of the GM Innovation Accelerator funding via Innovate UK and brings together University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Lancaster and University of Manchester, along with Greater Manchester Colleges Group, working in partnership with large organisations such as Barclays, IBM, Cisco and Microsoft to create a supercluster of digital innovation which will see the North West region positioned as a pioneer in the digital sector.

As part of its work under the CDI project, we are delighted to launch a new platform designed to uplift digital skills in the region. Know Digital is aimed at business leaders and those new to digital to help both audiences better understand how to work with new technology like artificial intelligence, cyber security, immersive technology and industrial digitalisation and will be available online 24/7. The University hopes to remove barriers to learning digital skills for those from underrepresented backgrounds both across the Greater Manchester region and beyond in order to support wider adoption and reduce the skills gap.

Know Digital, launched on Thursday 28 March, delves into topics such as cyber security and immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality, ensuring these are presented in a business context. It also focused on ‘soft skills’ within the digital realm. The platform is free at the point of use for all.  

Professor Mandy Parkinson, Professor of Business Innovation at Salford Business School, commented: “We are experiencing an unprecedented rate of growth in digital, and as higher education institutions we need to ensure we are supporting businesses to develop the skills required to keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern working.”

“We recognise that lack of digital skills is often one of the biggest barriers to technology adoption within businesses and we want to help remove this barrier to promote innovation and increased productivity in one of the fastest growing areas, particularly in the North West corridor.  Know Digital is one of Salford’s contributions to the CDI project, which looks to create a dynamic workforce that can lead the way in digital innovation, not just in the North West but nationally and internationally.”

Angel Jimenez-Aranda, Associate Professor in Digital Transformation at Salford Business School, added: “This platform has been developed alongside our industry partners, to ensure its content has maximum impact and is applicable to real-world challenges. It’s a great platform whether you’re a business leader looking to upskill your workforce, or an individual looking to learn new skills to set you apart in what is an ever-changing business landscape.”

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