Salford University announce Robotics workshops to assist SMEs with innovation

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This week sees the start of the UK Festival of Robotics, a celebration of all things mechatronic and autonomous, which presents an opportunity for experts to showcase the industry and generate excitement about what is yet to come. 

At the University of Salford, work has begun on the £16 million North of England Robotics Innovation Centre (NERIC) that is due to open in 2022. The new facility is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, with additional support from Research England, and will serve as a hub for small to medium-sized industries (SMEs) looking to design, test and validate innovation in this rapidly growing area.

As an introduction to this new facility, the University has announced that they will be launching a series of ‘preview’ workshops that will explore how robotics and automation can address business needs and be used to solve industry and supply chain problems. The sessions will take a deep dive into the latest technologies in the industry identifying how businesses can integrate the most up to date innovations into their way of working to give them a competitive edge. The workshops will be led by the University’s robotics team who have already delivered ground-breaking research and product development alongside speakers from industry.  

Dr Georgina Harris, Director of Engineering at the University said: “The workshops will provide an opportunity for industry colleagues to explore the potential of automation, control and robotics with our experts to meet their business needs. These workshops will cover a range of areas including robotics and automation, the requirements of net zero, healthcare technologies, vehicle automation and the development of smart cities.

“NERIC will be a world-class research centre housing the latest facilities and equipment and a leading team of academic experts ready to help businesses introduce new technologies and innovate.  As automation and robotics becomes intrinsic to our everyday life, we cannot help but be excited about the future.  Here at Salford, we are proud to support Greater Manchester industry and be a catalyst for their future success.”


For more information email: NERIC@salford.ac.uk


NERIC June 2021

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