Salford Trainee Helps Shape Trust’s Endometriosis Policy

Categories: School of Health and Society

Samantha Lord, a Trainee Nursing Apprentice at University of Salford has helped to shape a new NHS policy document advising how NHS employers should treat colleagues with endometriosis.

Samantha has the painful condition, which affects the womb and can cause regular acute pain and heavy bleeding. She shared her experience and contributed to the rewriting of the Endometriosis and Menstrual Health Policy for the Northern Care Alliance (NCA). 

She spoke about the challenges she has faced in the past, especially when faced with a lack of understanding in the workplace.

She said: “I worked on a ward where unfortunately I was very unsupported to manage these symptoms. I was often in pain and needed to take regular medications and repeatedly needed to use the bathroom at short notice. I was told if I continue to walk off the floor then I would be disciplined, this led to me standing in a busy ward often bleeding through my uniform in front of colleagues.” 

The newly revised NCA Endometriosis and Menstrual Health Policy states that it “aims to ensure that managers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to support colleagues affected by endometriosis and menstrual concerns.”

It emphasises the need for open communication, compassionate support, and the provision of reasonable adjustments in the workplace to accommodate the needs of those struggling with this and similar conditions.

Samantha said she is proud to have contributed in this way: "This is the proudest moment of my career, and I achieved it while I was studying at Salford. Thank you for all your support."

Nicole Blythe, Programme Lead Nursing Associate Apprenticeship at the University added: “Samantha’s insights and recommendations have been invaluable in shaping NCA’s approach to supporting individuals with endometriosis.”

Danielle Beswick, LD Manager for TNA/Interim PEF at Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust said: “Well done Samantha in helping to develop such an important policy which will help support other people in the same situation. The Northern Care Alliance and the TNA team are proud of the work you have achieved.”

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