Salford students design learning experience for visitors from Utrecht

Categories: School of Health and Society

Nursing students at the University of Salford welcomed visitors from the Netherlands this week to take part in a series of shared learning events over three days.

Simulation exercise taking place in the immersive suite at the University of Salford

The Salford students designed a range of different simulation exercises using the facilities at the university. They created role plays including a cyclist being hit by a car, a patient needing end of life care and support for their family, and a parent with learning disabilities who had a poorly child.

The students from Utrecht said: “It was great to take part in the simulations – they were really exciting and interesting. We tend to use actors for simulation training and don’t have resources like the baby simulation dolls back home, so it was amazing to be able to use these to play out a real-world scenario.”

Salford students Rukhsar and Katie, who designed the scenarios, said: “We wanted to come up with something a bit different for the students from Utrecht to try out. Here at Salford we specialise in different areas of nursing right from the start of our course, while in the Netherlands they follow a more generalised nursing pathway, so we wanted to give them a flavour of the kind of things we do. We especially wanted to highlight things like learning disabilities nursing which they might not have had the chance to be involved in before.

“It was interesting to hear from the students about healthcare in the Netherlands, especially things like the fact that they have nurses and surgical equipment in some ambulances, so that they can operate on people before they get to hospital.”

The theme for the week was legacy, change and building a healthier future. Visiting students made presentations about their courses, student life in Salford and in life in Utrecht. Visiting students also had an opportunity to explore Manchester as part of their visit.

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