Salford Student shortlisted for prestigious Fashion Award

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

A student at the University of Salford has been shortlisted for the ‘ArtsThread x Real Leather’ Competition.


Lucy Gordon, who just finished our BA Fashion Design course, had to produce a series of boards including designs, samples and information to demonstrate how she would use the leather effectively while producing as little waste as possible. 


She said: “I was at first surprised when I saw I had been shortlisted for the competition as I knew there would be hundreds of entries. It was so amazing to have my work acknowledged in the fashion industry as it made me believe that I could make a successful career in the field I admire and hope to be a part of.”


The competition was based around leather and coming up with a way to be resourceful with leather scraps and other pieces that would otherwise be wasted.  


Lucy said: “I began my process looking further into my concept and seeing how the construction techniques of observatories could be scaled down to fit a bag. I then knew that I would need the help of the team in the workshop for 3D printing a frame that I could then fill with leather. It was a long process of finding the right shapes to create the frame, but once it was done, I was able to move on to working with the leather.


“I cut the leather to size and secured it in the gaps of the frame. I also had two people at the bottom of the bag with a Perspex section protecting them to give the impression that they themselves were inside and observatory looking up at the stars. I added the handle, stitch details and internal lining.


“Throughout this process I was also spray-painting sections so that the bag would be all one colour. I was extremely happy with the product I had made.”


Lucy explained where she took her inspiration from for the project.


“I took inspiration from my love of architecture and my partner’s love of Astrophysics. I felt that observatories perfectly captured both of our interests in one form. I looked at the structures and the romanticism surrounding them. To further the romanticism aspects, I chose a colour scheme of sunset pinks and oranges as to me this is the perfect time to make your journey to an observatory.”


During her time at Salford, Lucy has had her work displayed in Milan, Shanghai and New York Fashion Week. She says all of this is thanks to Salford.


She said: “Salford has helped me more than I ever thought they could. Because of them I have exhibited my work in Milan, Shanghai and New York Fashion Week twice. These types of experiences don’t happen for BA students often - if at all, and I feel incredibly honoured to have been selected again and again by my lectures for these opportunities.


“Salford has also changed who I am as a person tremendously. I now see the world as full of opportunities and feel so much more confident to get my work out there for the industry to see and appreciate.”

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