Salford Student Gemma Starts Freelance Social Media Company with 4.5k Followers

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

BA Journalism: Broadcast student Gemma Gosden started making tip-style videos on Instagram on how to utlise social media, her business now has 4.5k active followers.

Gemma, who is now in her final year, founded ‘SocialsByGem’ after friends and family regularly asked for input and support with their business’ social media platforms.

“Social media marketing has always been a real interest of mine and knowing how to communicate effectively across platforms is something I have been taught on my course.

“Once I’d said yes to a couple of friends, I realised that I really enjoyed building an aesthetic and brand on social media. I also found out how time consuming it can be when you really sink your teeth into it.”

Inundated with requests to continue work with her early clients, Gemma soon realised that she could use her knowledge to earn an income, while gaining experience and building a portfolio.

Gemma said “I started all of this for a bit of fun during lockdown to educate small businesses on how to increase sales, so I’m overwhelmed with how well it has taken off.

“I’m constantly refining my knowledge by completing certified online training courses  - Google Digital Garage is amazing if anyone is wanting to enhance their social media knowledge.

Now with SIX paying clients, an expanding body of work, and a follower growth set to hit 10K by the summer, Gemma still makes sure that her brand is warm and personable.

“I’ve been really lucky to learn so many transferrable skills with my Journalism degree. I have a real passion for presenting and work in front of the camera, which has helped me enormously to share with my audience who I really am.

“Interviewing people and reaching-out to secure a story can be very similar to interactive with new clients and enquirers, particularly as my business is run through Instagram, so anyone can get in touch.”

She added: “I use my communication skills from the course to be as transparent as possible with my clients, and keep hold of the reason why I started SocialsByGem, to educate small businesses and help them to grow.”

She has no plans to stop now, once she has finished her Final Major Protect - an investigative piece into online marketing - she plans to grow SocialsByGem and gradually move away from her other part-time income.

“For now I’m really happy. I can’t wait to graduate and focus on the business. From there, I hope I’ll be able to use the work from my clients to secure a salaries job in Social Media. I’d say by big-shot dream would be Social Media Manager for Zara!”

Moving forward, Gemma has only one regret.

“I just wish I’d started sooner. I was so nervous and was worried that it wasn’t going to take off and that people were going to laugh about it, but under four months on, I have over 4500 followers.

“I’d say to anyone wanted to take that leap and create a personable, outward-facing online business, to just go for it!”    

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