Salford Researchers host Sci-Art Experience at Science and Industry Museum

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

Researchers from the School of Arts and Media and School of Science, Engineering and Environment took a trip to the Science and Industry Museum yesterday (27 November) to host a series of solar workshops for green energy. The interdisciplinary sci-art collaboration between Dr Natalie Ferry, Dr Zeljka Krpetic and Dr Lawrence George Giles explored how energy from the Sun is harvested by plants, providing novel solutions to the energy crisis.

The Sun has always provided our energy needs, however, we have used oil for energy and it’s polluting and damaging our environment.

Dr Lawrence George Giles, Senior Lecturer in Photography, hosted an interactive printing workshop station within the installation space. Visitors experienced hands-on photographic processes, which have been enabled by Sun. He used different plants, pinecones and leaves with different shapes to support the message of the plant biomass decomposition for biofuel production in view of greener energy.

Dr Zeljka Krpetic, Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, was there on the day to host a special nanotechnology station which looked at how nanoparticles ‘light bending’ when  dispersed in a liquid medium and exposed to monochromatic light.

Dr Natalie Ferry, Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology, also led on a central video installation, using a loop-video photographic presentation to visualise images from their research (plants, microbes, 3D protein structures, etc). She also shared important messages of the use of bio-nano interface for new technology production of biofuel from biomass decomposition in view of greener energy.

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