Salford research dives deeper into the quantitative light polarisation imaging

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

Physicists at the University of Salford have made significant steps towards the use of an innovative technology that will improve and enhance the quality of light polarisation imaging for medics.

It is the first time, a device, known as a dual photoelastic modulator polarimeter, has been successfully incorporated in a light microscope in conjunction with a commercial digital camera, to carry out the measurements that give more accurate images of transparent objects. Conventional light microscopes are not able to do this, with the research seen as a breakthrough as it is non-invasive and means that cells are not altered whilst being examined.

The research took place at the Joule Lab at the University with the work being led by Dr Tiehan Shen, Reader in Magnetism. The prototype microscope was developed by Optimum Imaging Ltd, a spinout company of the University, with funding from Spark Impact Limited, University of Salford Enterprise and private investors.

The research paper is published in Scientific Reports.

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