Salford lead the way at Digital City Expo

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

The University exhibited its boldest digital achievements at Manchester’s Digital City Expo.

The event, which collated the North’s biggest and best digital developers and marketing specialists was led by an array of digital project that the University were proud to showcase.

As well as leading project being the subject of many broadcast discussions, the University’s Industrial Collaboration Media Production Team worked in partnership with Prolific North to deliver exceptional coverage of the four-day event.

Alongside the University were some of the largest names in Northern industry, including Boohoo, Channel 4 and Co-op.

Academics from leading digital projects delivered numerous talks in the event’s well-visited stages, as well as being steamed from the Media Production Team’s podium.

Professor Andy Miah, Chair in Science Communication and Future Media delivered a talk in the Keynote Theatre on research and development in Esports at Salford.

Andy said: We have every school in the University taking part and everyone in those schools has something to say about digital. That’s why we thought we had to do this together and show everyone what we have been up to.”

He added: “For us the most important factor is to make it inclusive, to make everyone feel as if this event is for them but also to build a foundation with the organisers that we can go forward for next year.”

The University was not only fronted by leading researchers, but by students also. Joe Docherty, a Second Year Digital Media students and member of Esports Society was invited by Andy. Joe said: “It’s a really good opportunity to show what we can do, and it’s warming to hear how interested people are to hear about the streams we’ve done in the past.

“Events like these are great for students, as we get a change of scene and are able to try new things such as public speaking. “

Dr Gordon Fletcher also gave a talk at the event in his research on Strategic Digital Transformation. Gordon explained: “It is important that as a University, we create an atmosphere at events like these through delivering a sense of skills training for people who going to be going out and working in the industry that surrounds us today.

“It gives people an insight into the wealth of resource that they’ll find at Salford.”  

At the forefront of the event was the Industrial Collaboration Media Production Team who were generating stimulating content across the event with University talent and equipment.  

Katie Hall is the team’s Co-ordinator: “We’ve been broadcasting live and editing everything that’s been happening in the key note theatre which is all done by our students.

“Students are on the cameras, directing and vision mixing. All with our supervision. It’s a fantastic event for them to come and practise their skills.

“We’ve managed to introduce ourselves to a lot of companies up here in the north that can provide more opportunities for us as a department and our students.”

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