Salford expert finds new solution to chronic joint pain

Categories: School of Health and Society

An expert from the University of Salford is researching a new solution to chronic joint pain, which he has called Cognitive Muscular TherapyTM.

Professor Stephen Preece will be sharing his findings in a lecture in Salford on Wednesday 21st February at 6pm. He is the Director of the Centre for Human Movement and Rehabilitation in the School of Health and Society and has studied different approaches in the field of chronic pain for  a decade.

A biomechanist with a background in engineering, he believes that the current practice of using strengthening exercises to manage musculoskeletal pain needs to be reconsidered.

“I am incredibly excited to talk about this research and how we have brought so many ideas together into a new treatment called Cognitive Muscular TherapyTM which is having an amazing effect on patients,” said Professor Preece.

“We are suffering from an evolutionary mismatch,” he says. “Modern living leads to changes in the organisation of postural muscle tone which in-turn triggers overload on joints and the development of chronic pain.

“The new therapy integrates psychological principles, providing the patient with an ability to change the way their joints are loaded as a way of escaping chronic pain.”

Professor Preece’s inaugural lecture A new perspective on chronic joint pain will take place in person on Wednesday 21st February, at 6:00-7:00 pm in Lecture Theatre 2 of the Chapman Building at the University of Salford, with a drinks reception following the event. Registration begins at 5:30 pm.

Free Tickets can be booked here.

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