Salford Business School celebrates Peninsula UK's 40th Anniversary initiative and reflects on their fruitful partnership

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The University of Salford Business School is proud to spotlight its enduring partnership with Peninsula UK, especially as the HR consultancy celebrates their milestone 40th anniversary. To mark this landmark event, Peninsula UK has announced an unprecedented giveaway, committing over £1 million in specialist HR services to 400 businesses.

To ensure the initiative reaches its intended audience, Peninsula UK is particularly keen on applications from start-ups, small businesses, and charities in the UK and Northern Ireland. Eligibility requires being new to Peninsula UK and having a workforce of no more than 20.

400 small businesses across the UK and Northern Ireland are set to benefit from Peninsula UK's world-class services for free. The comprehensive package includes:

  • 24/7 HR and Health & Safety advice: Empowering businesses to make well-informed decisions anytime, day or night.
  • BrightHR software: A time-saving toolkit for HR tasks, inclusive of online rota planning and absence management tools.
  • Documentation support: Expertly-crafted HR paperwork, policies, and communication tools, all vetted by employment law specialists.
  • Legal insurance: Shielding businesses from hefty legal costs when adhering to Peninsula's advice.
  • Tribunal representation: Fortified legal support for businesses facing employee tribunal claims.

As part of this initiative, Salford Business School is offering six masterclasses focusing on topics including digital transformation, change management, and sustainability. These themes align perfectly with the January 2024 launch of Salford Business School’s brand new Centre for Sustainable Innovation.

innovation centre

Building on our accreditation of the Small Business Charter Award, a national recognition that celebrates institutions that actively support small businesses and foster student entrepreneurship while enhancing the local economy the centre will provide a new front door to regional small businesses who want to work with academics on supporting their productivity and growth.

Since 2017, the partnership between Salford Business School and Peninsula UK has been marked by mutual growth and innovation. Since its inception, various collaborative projects have been undertaken, highlighting their shared commitment to knowledge dissemination and business empowerment. Central to this has been the opportunity for HR professionals to undertake the postgraduate certificate in Employment Policy and Practice.

In 2022, our collaboration with Peninsula UK flourished further with the launch of the 'HR Unpacked' podcast series. This initiative brings together expertise from both institutions, delving into UK labour laws and HR practices, the series has been a beacon of knowledge for many. With the upcoming release of 'HR Unpacked 2', we look forward to deepening our discussions and continuing to enlighten listeners later this year.

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Dr Francine Morris, Associate Dean for Enterprise and Engagement at Salford Business School, said, "Our journey with Peninsula UK has always been about innovation and shared growth. I congratulate everyone at Peninsula they mark their 40th year with such a magnanimous gesture, it reaffirms the values we've collectively championed over the years."

Reflecting on the partnership's inception in 2017, it was noted, "The synergy between Peninsula UK and Salford Business School is more than just collaboration; it's about moulding the future of HR and making a tangible difference in the Greater Manchester region."

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