Rowetta talks all things music with journalism students

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

Happy Monday’s singer Rowetta, headed down to our MediaCityUK campus to chat with music journalism students and answer their questions about how to make it in the industry and what’s changed since she was on the road.


“The Happy Monday’s have been going for 30 years so I wasn’t expecting the students to know who we were but some of them did! I spoke about the work I’ve done with Blossoms and the house music scene in Ibiza which they knew more about,” she said.  

Students asked Rowetta about how the industry has changed since the 90's, what touring is like, and what it’s like to work with other artists.  

Topics also included the use of social media and the impact it can have on the music industry. Rowetta now manages the Happy Monday’s social media as well as her own, something which hasn’t always been the case. “There wasn’t any social media back then, so we used to have people queuing up for autographs as that was the closet you could get to people,” she said.

“It was really interesting hearing everyone’s questions. Whatever they asked I told them and tried to give them an insight into things,” she added.

When asked what advice she gave to students, Rowetta said: “Be nice to people. Treat people with respect. Be passionate about what you do but not to the detriment of other people. You’ve got to be a team player.”

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