‘Quiet Drones’ 2024 conference call out for experts

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

A major conference on drones and the noise impact they make is being organised by the University of Salford for later in the year.

Quiet Drones 2024 will be taking place between the 8th-11th September 2024 and is being organised by the Acoustics Research Group at Salford.

It is a symposium focused on all aspects of noise and acoustics from Unmanned Aircraft Systems and eVTOLs. The conference is for Industry representatives, public authorities, regulators, consultants, and academics working on noise control and acoustics with a focus on Advanced Air Mobility, as well as UAS users.

The team are inviting experts, whether in academia, industry or regulatory bodies to participate in the conference.  To register use this link https://www.quietdrones.org/conferences/3-quiet-drones-2024/registration/ .

There have been two previous online conferences, one in 2020, and the latest in 2022, but this year the University of Salford is organising the conference as a hybrid event, i.e., with in-person and also online participation.

QuietDrones 2024 will present methods under development for establishing measurement standards on noise from drones and VTOLs, as well as new metrics to characterise the impact of their noise on people and environment. It will explain about recent advances in the study of noise generation and control at its source as well as propagation in different flying conditions and environments. It will also present acoustic tools for the detection and identification of drones as well as drone audition methods for search and rescue. And it will discuss public acceptance of the noise of delivery drones as well as of air taxis in European cities and the rest of the world.

Dr Antonio J Torija Martinez, chair of the organising committee said: “We are proud to have this opportunity to put on this conference and showcase Salford’s solidified position in acoustics research. We hope this third instalment of the Quiet Drones conference will bring light to the latest advances on noise and acoustics of drones and eVTOLs thanks to leading international experts and representatives meeting at this event.”

For more information see the website - Quiet Drones 2024 | Quiet Drones

And to book use this link - QuietDrones 2024 (QD2024) | University of Salford

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