Public Relations graduate launches a BAME print and digital magazine

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A University of Salford alumna has launched quarterly magazine, SheHub.tv.

Carla Zuill graduated from the University of Salford in 2020, with a Master’s in Public Relations. In March 2021 she launched her own quarterly magazine in print and digital, SheHUB.tv, targeting a BAME audience.

She aims to build the magazine into a national and international product, with help from her writers in Bermuda, Ghana and the UK. She said: “We made it through 2021 with four editions, which has done really well in Bermuda and there is a readership here but it’s slow. It’s available in the app store as well so there are no barriers to reading the magazine, but the challenge has been getting attraction in the UK market, but I won’t give up.”

Carla launched SheHUB.tv online in 2018 as a women’s only website. She had a previous news site in Bermuda that she set up in 2014 but found it difficult with the time difference when she moved to the UK in 2016.

She said: “I was still operating from the UK but with the time difference it meant that I was hardly sleeping because the UK is four hours ahead of Bermuda. The site ironically was hacked and crashed, and, in that time, I was like you know what, is this really what you want to do, because I’ve always had a love for human interest stories. So, I love to tell stories about people and as a woman, as a single mum, I’ve had so many people reach out to me in my community, for words of empowerment or advice. So, I was like why not do a space for women.”

Whilst studying at Salford Carla had to balance the demands of studying alongside being a mum, which meant sometimes she had to study in the car whilst her sons were at football. She said: “It was a challenge, but the children understood my goals, so I had to balance it and do whatever had to be done and they understood sometimes that I just needed quiet time to get on with it and they let me.”

Prior to coming to Salford, Carla achieved an undergraduate degree in Journalism in 1998. She said: “When I started back in 98 in media it was a man’s world. I initially wanted to shoot and edit videos for news, and I was told no in Bermuda women don’t do that. Now times have changed there is nothing that women can not do in this industry.”

You can find SheHUB.tv here http://shehub.tv/

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