Professor Andy Miah’s new podcast helps us all face the future

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

The University of Salford's Chair in Science Communication and Future Media Professor Andy Miah has launched his own podcast called “Professor Andy Miah Faces The Future”

The podcast, which released its first episode on September 22, features Professor Miah discussing discoveries in science, technology and the arts that are changing our lives in profound ways.   

Professor Miah said: “The University is growing its public engagement portfolio and podcasts are an amazing way for us to share what we do so our university remains open and understood by the public. Podcasts are also one of the fastest growing media formats and DIY media is huge right now. The beauty of a podcast is that your audience can access information whilst multi-tasking and you can produce the entire product yourself using just your mobile phone. 

 “I choose topics that are current linking into my world of future technology.  Hopefully listeners feel informed as well as being given something to spark debate.”  

In the most recent episode, which is entitled ‘Will Machines Take All Our Jobs?’, Professor Miah imagines whether there will come a time when the rise of robots and artificial intelligence replace all tasks that humans currently perform as work, asking what we will do when there is no work to be done.   

He says: “There’s a presumption of our redundancy, quickly followed by the projection that the machines will take over humanity and perhaps, even make us flee somewhere else.  

“Over the last five years alone, we’ve seen artificial intelligence employed to diagnose patients, write poetry, take new forms of journalism and the list goes on and on.”  

Each episode is ten to fifteen minutes, covering a range of topics including the future of sport and if we can predict the future. New episodes are released weekly, and you can find them across all major platforms, including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcast and Spotify. Hear the latest episode

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