New book explores psychological impact of Brexit in the workplace

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As Brexit talks enter the final stages this month, a new book exploring the psychological effects of Brexit in the workplace has been published. 

Dr Ashley Weinberg

'Brexit in the Workplace: A Psychology of Survival?' follows the emotions of four years of political wrangling. On top of the impact of the current pandemic, it considers what Brexit changes and uncertainties will demand of all our working lives.

Academics and business insiders have joined forces in this book edited by Dr Ashley Weinberg (pictured), Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Salford, with Professor Alexander Antoniou and Professor Sir Cary Cooper. The authors bring together international contributors from a range of disciplines including work and social psychology, business leadership and economics. 

Ashley explains: “The book focuses on key issues for effective workplace functioning in this uncertain time. The mental and emotional impact of the Brexit process is already affecting the wellbeing and expectations of workers, as well as having implications for the welfare of the workforce in the future.” 

“It is already clear that tolerance, understanding and trust have taken a hit, uncertainty has taken the lead and the psychological implications for workers have so far been largely ignored by policy makers. Businesses are under great strain already, with the added pressure of Covid-19 restrictions also playing a key role, but it is vital that we consider the psychological costs of Brexit in the workplace before it is too late.”

“Whilst the emotions on this topic are strong and varied, the admission that the UK Government stands to break international law over Brexit, has added fuel to the uncertainties we face.”

‘Brexit in the workplace’ is to receive its official launch at an event from 10am (until 11.30am) on Monday 12 October. The online event is free to attend, with presentations by all the book’s contributors. Details on how to join are available below.

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