Natalie Yates-Bolton announced as speaker at “Relationships and Communication in Dementia” conference

Categories: School of Health and Society

The University of Salford’s international lead for the School of Health and Society, Natalie Yates-Bolton, has been invited to speak at a national conference that will explore the transformative role relationships and communication play in enabling people with dementia to live the life they want for longer. 

Natalie Yates-Bolton

The free conference, titled 'Relationships and Communication in Dementia', is the first of its kind to be hosted in Greater Manchester and will be held on Thursday, March 19 at the Friends’ Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester city centre.

UK leaders in research, health and social care, alongside people who are living with the disease and those who care for people with dementia, will share their experiences to help shape future training, services and support.

Natalie said: ‘‘Where people have the opportunity to learn how to enhance their approach to communicating with someone who has dementia the results are transformative for both people involved in the interaction. Enhanced communication provides the potential for enhanced relationships, whether that is a life-long relationship or a much shorter relationship within an organisational context. Each new interaction provides us with the opportunity to further develop our communication skills and relationship building capabilities.’’ 

Emma Smith, project manager for Empowered Conversations, which is part of Six Degrees social enterprise, said: “In the spirit of the Empowered Conversations approach to communication, the event will be a space to build relationships, connect with others and develop a shared understanding of how we can improve outcomes for people with dementia. We are proud to be bringing this level of expertise together – from those living with the disease, carers and professionals.

“Communicating with friends, family and colleagues is a fundamental part of our lives and can change dramatically following a diagnosis of dementia. This is the first of what is going to be an annual event for Empowered Conversations, and we will be delighted for you to join us. 

“If you’ve got the heart to care and the belief that things can improve for people with dementia, then this conference is for you.”

Other speakers will include research professor Alison Wray from Cardiff University; specialist psychotherapist Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones; dementia campaigner Dr Joy Watson from Age UK Salford; and Dr Phil McEvoy, managing director of Six Degrees, which developed Empowered Conversations.

Workshops are also being held at the conference including how to communicate beyond words, through music and movement and support for couples.

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