Nafisa gains distinction despite Covid-19

Categories: School of Health and Society

Nafisa Begum (pictured) will be celebrating this week after graduating with a distinction in her MSc Criminal Justice course. She tells us about her experiences and how the focus on up to date digital criminal justice processes has set her up for success in her chosen career.

Nafisa Begum

“I previously studied for my BSc Criminology at the University of Salford – I picked the criminal justice process module in my third year and absolutely loved it!”

“The University of Salford was the only university that I felt offered such an attractive master’s course. The modules I’ve studied have been brilliant and really relevant at the moment – for example, the ‘digital criminal justice’ module explored the digitisation of the courts and police. I’m currently applying to join the police and everyone I’ve spoken to in my recent interviews has been so impressed that I was up to date in terms of the technology being used in police forces.”

The connections lecturers had with leading figures within the industry were also a key part of the course for Nafisa, and something she felt she learnt a lot from.

“We had some really exciting guest speakers, for example, Andy Tattersall the former head of Salford CID was brought in and we got to solve hypothetical criminal cases with him. The excellent links that module leaders have with practitioners helped me a lot as I got to hear their experiences and responsibilities which helped me decide what kind of job I would like. 

“Throughout my time in Salford my confidence has definitely grown owing to being in small groups and having the opportunity to partake in discussions. 

Sadly, due to the pandemic, Nafisa won’t be able to celebrate her achievements in the way she’d planned; however she feels lucky to have been able to complete her studies despite the challenging conditions. 

“Covid-19 didn’t affect my studies at all, staff made sure we had access to a lot of resources online which I’m grateful for as I achieved a Distinction. I would’ve been having a graduation party but sadly that’s been postponed for now. I’m definitely going to order a gown and take some of my own graduation pictures at home though!”

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