Microbiology society award for best student

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

Every year the SEE Microbiology team nominate a student for an undergraduate award from The Microbiology Society. 

The prize is awarded to undergraduates across the UK and Ireland for excellence in microbiology in their 2nd year of study.

This week, Professor Chloe James (chair in Microbiology) interrupted a biology of parasites lecture to present the award to Hannah Skidmore, who is now in the final year of her Human Biology and Infectious Diseases degree.

The nomination was completed by Prof James who leads the 2nd year module Microbial communities and interactions. She said: “Hannah is an excellent student, who produced brilliant work throughout her 2nd year at Salford and thoroughly deserves this prize. 

“I nominated Hannah for this award in appreciation of an excellent research poster that she produced on the use of simple laboratory assays to distinguish bacterial species. 

“Her work was clear and well-researched. She summarised the focus of the work succinctly and presented the findings accurately. Her discussion showed critical analysis skills drawing from relevant literature. She also performed excellently in her other assessment, achieving the top module mark overall – well done Hannah.”

Hannah said: “Winning the prize has been pretty surreal and I'm really honoured to have been selected. I am passionate about microbiology so recognition in that field is amazing. 

“I'm also really thankful to Prof. Chloe James, both for nominating me and being an amazing lecturer and module lead in my second year.”

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