Meet Salford Business School’s Business Apprentice of the Year 2024

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This year’s National Apprenticeship Week Awards at the University of Salford was held on Thursday 8 February. Salford Business School is proud to present the winner of the Business Apprentice of the Year Award: Salford City Council’s Paul Tierney.

Salford's National Apprenticeship Awards 2024

Paul graduated from his degree apprenticeship in Chartered Management in 2023, having completed the course alongside his work for Salford City Council. The partnership between the council and the University means it can offers degree level apprenticeships fully funded by the apprenticeship levy, delivered by the University of Salford. During his study period, Paul was able to spend 20% of his working time studying, making degree apprenticeships a feasible option for many people who want to continue working while still achieving a qualification.

“Doing a degree apprenticeship offered me the opportunity to get into Higher Education later in life,” explains Paul. “I learned a lot throughout my teaching from the University of Salford, particularly in terms of improving my understanding of organisational structures, and with professional development modules to equip me to progress in my career with Salford City Council.”

“While I was on the course I was promoted to Operational Manager within the organisation, which demonstrates I think the transferrable nature of the skills I learned during my apprenticeship. I’d recommend taking the leap for anyone considering a degree apprenticeship, particularly if your workplace offers programmes funded by the apprenticeship levy. It’s a great way to continue learning while working at the same time.”

Congratulations to Paul and all of our winners across the University!

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