MA student Ali finds his vocation in Intelligence

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For 23-year-old Ali going into the field of Intelligence was always a no brainer. The MA student wanted to make a make a meaningful difference to society and feels it is “one of the most enticing fields in the world to work in”. Ali is currently completing his dissertation at Salford, with an Intelligence Review Officer role at a local police force lined up for when he graduates.

Ali studied History at Manchester Metropolitan University and soon realised he wanted to work in Intelligence and Security.

“Intelligence has been a growing working practice for a very long time now, but when I finished my degree I found it difficult to get into the sector. That’s when I found the MA Intelligence and Security Studies programme at Salford and knew immediately it was for me – I was overjoyed,” said Ali.

He describes the programme as a “hidden gem” as before researching he didn’t know pure intelligence courses even existed.

Ali is currently completing his dissertation, looking at whether enough resources are provided to Intelligence Led Policing inside police forces and whether a more equal structure of funding would yield better results.

It’s a subject close to his heart. Ali said: “Intelligence Led Policing is the next major evolution of policing regarding fighting organised crime as traditional policing methods are not equipped to tackle the current threats posed to western societies.”

He has also recently contributed to new book Judging Dredd: Examining the world of Judge Dredd, a collection of essays which examine the popular comic book series and its world, from its greatest sagas, its predictions on national security, Dredd’s weirdest crossovers, and movie adaptations.

Amazingly the 23-year-old has already been snapped up by local police to work as an Intelligence Review Officer even before his Master’s course is finished, something which feels “overwhelming, exciting and positive all at the same time.”

It is a challenging role he feels he can make a real difference in, believing intelligence and security are fundamental in society.

“In a world where the population has just touched 7.9 billion, they are integral to ensuring our national security from external and domestic threats from organised crime and terrorism,” he said. “I would definitely recommend this path for your career because, given what we have dealt with over the past year with Coronavirus, Intelligence is an area which we will always need to keep global security safe.”

Dr Christopher Murphy, Programme Leader for MA Intelligence and Security Studies (MAISS), added: “The team have been delighted to hear Ali’s news. His success is the latest in a long line of MAISS students going on to find employment in a field where they can put the knowledge they have gained during the MA into practice, be that in the public sector, with the police and the National Crime Agency, or with private security agencies. Ali sets a new record for securing a job before even completing his dissertation!”

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