Lecturer becomes trustee for Royal Society for Public Health

Categories: School of Health and Society

Nilam Prinjha, Lecturer and Co-Programme Leader in Public Health has recently become a trustee for RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health). 

The RSPH is the world’s oldest independent health charity, dedicated to improving and protecting the public’s health with over 5,000 members from across the public health workforce.  

This week (2-6 October 2023) marks the second annual 'Public Health Workforce Week’ where all public health workers are celebrated by the RSPH for their contribution. The week aims to highlight the impactful work of those across public health along with the challenges they face. 

Nilam joined the University of Salford in 2022. She is currently co-programme leader for the newly developed Degree Apprenticeship for Public Health Practitioners. The University was the first in the UK to offer this programme having started in 2019. 

When asked about her new appointment as trustee, Nilam said: “Tackling inequalities and working to promote better health is my passion and what I've worked on throughout my career. I'm delighted to have been appointed as a Trustee and be able to contribute further to this area of work, including at a national level.” 

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