IntoUniversity findings show 66% of students progressed into Higher Education, compared to 20% local average

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In the 2022/23 academic year, IntoUniversity Salford Central opened its doors to almost 1,000 students, providing them with structured academic support and invaluable resources. From tailored curriculum workshops for primary students to Future Readiness projects for secondary students, our programs have inspired a love for learning and equipped students with essential skills for success.

We’re delighted to share some positive results about the centre, from its opening to now. 66% of Salford Central students have progressed into Higher Education, compared to a local average of 20%, and we are delighted that 22 IntoUniversity students nationwide (including five from the Salford centre) will join the University of Salford in 2024.

Parent feedback speaks volumes about the positive impact of our programs, with one parent expressing gratitude for the structured after-school sessions and exposure to a variety of topics. Through workshops, university visits, and hands-on projects, students have gained confidence, and developed a clearer understanding of their future educational pathways.

One parent said: “I would most definitely recommend IntoUniversity to other families. I would tell them that it’s great for kids to try something new and that IntoUniversity gives them so much support. The sessions are really interesting and there’s such a range of activities. My son wants to be a civil engineer. He loves building things and when he visited a university with IntoUniversity, he loved seeing all the engineering facilities. IntoUniversity gives him the confidence that he can achieve lots and stretch himself, and he can go to university.”

The dedication of our partner schools and the commitment of our passionate colleagues have been instrumental in driving positive outcomes for students. As highlighted by a headteacher at one of our partner primary schools, our programs have not only improved academic attainment but have also instilled a sense of aspiration and confidence in students.

However, challenges remain, particularly in light of the pandemic’s long-term effects on disadvantaged students. These challenges empower us to continue supporting young people from all backgrounds, ensuring that they have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Read of IntoUniversity report in full here: University of Salford Report 22-23.pdf

You can find out more about IntoUniversity here: IntoUniversity Salford Central - IntoUniversity

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