'IMPACT' Art Exhibition launching this month

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

The Art exhibition ‘IMPACT’ launches on the 29th of September in the New Adelphi Atrium Space and will showcase a collection of works from MA students across the Art and Design department at the University.


Art and Design Lecturer Elizabeth Wewiora said: “We are delighted to welcome you to IMPACT, our MA Art and Design Degree show 2022, bringing a curation of work together from students across MA Contemporary Fine Art, Visual Communication, Socially Engaged Photography, Socially Engaged Art Practice and Creative Technology.

"This generation of creative talent have been making work in the wake of major shifts in our society, exploring topics from mental health and wellbeing and social justice and human rights to environmentally sustainability and creating democratized and accessible learning tools. Collectively they create a space for people to consider where and how art and design can exist in our world today, producing work, which is not simply for society, but which is made with society at its heart.” 

The official launch will start at 4pm next Thursday and will be open till the 13th of October.


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