How the pandemic motivated radiography graduate Mohammed to work 'even harder'

Categories: School of Health and Society

Mohammed Bhana decided to become a radiographer when he realised how many hospital patients needed to undergo imaging to help diagnose them or support their treatment – something which is even more vital now as radiographers help to diagnose Covid-19 patients.

He explains: “Each individual is different, so you have to adapt to meet their needs and provide a service that results in a positive experience for them. This was something that definitely sparked an interest for me. I wanted to be involved in face-to-face interactions with people from all walks of life; feeling that you are making a difference to someone’s life is a rewarding, satisfying, and fulfilling experience.”

During his studies, Mohammed took on a role as a mentor to other students, as well as being voted by his classmates to act as their representative in meetings with lecturers and university management.

He feels these roles helped him to develop his leadership skills. “Engaging in rich, detailed conversation with both students and lecturers enabled us to really optimise the learning experience. Mentoring was fantastic too. It was great to be able to help make another student more comfortable and confident by acting as a role model.”

For those students completing their studies this summer, the coronavirus pandemic has meant their last few months have been completely different to what they may have expected. Many who have been on placements have taken on an important role of supporting the NHS through this difficult time. “We had to adapt to the situation in clinical practice, which was made easier due to the efforts of my clinical tutor and all the radiographers. The pandemic was intimidating, but it just motivated me to work even harder and truly demonstrate the high-level patient-centred care and values-based practice that we had been trained and prepared for by the university.”

While the pandemic has also meant that formal graduation ceremonies are on hold for the time being, Mohammed is delighted to have completed his degree and is about to start work as a qualified radiographer.

“I enjoyed my time at the university, the lecturers were always there to support and help you and I have met some incredible people along the way and made lots of new friends (a few of whom I now work with!). 

“The greatest challenge I had was gaining confidence in my abilities both academically and clinically, but with the support of my lecturers and clinical tutor I have finally crossed the finish line! Looking towards the future, I would definitely like to come back to the University of Salford to undertake postgraduate studies and hopefully, progress even further in my career.” 

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