Graphic Design students hold networking event at prestigious ‘Social Chain’

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Final year Graphic Design students spent the evening at the Salford Bazaar event, networking with over 60 professionals.

Man and woman sat at a table looking at an iPad together

The event, run for and by the students, was hosted at Social Chain’s UK headquarters, on Portland Street, in Manchester.

The hyper-modern and dynamic space, occupied by one of the UK’s leading digitally led marketing agencies, allowed the students to speak with employers and heavy weights who are always looking for fresh design talent.

Chaperoning the visitors were Level 4 and 5 Graphic Design students, who were making sure everyone was well catered for, whilst also networking, themselves.

Chloe Berrigan, a Level 6 Graphic Design Student, said: “I feel like it’s an event that gets people up and talking to others who bring them out of their comfort zone. I’m not from Manchester, and rarely travel into the city, which is why tonight is brilliant because it’s allowed me to introduce myself to employers who I wouldn’t typically come across.”

Kirsty Slater, a Level 6 Graphic Design Student, said: “I’m really looking forward to graduating and getting into the real world of work, my dream job would to be an illustrator. I’m really interested in going freelance, so tonight is such a good opportunity to speak to people.”

Head of Design at the Social Chain Jamie Bryan said: “Networking is a great way of getting your foot through the door. I hope that being in our offices tonight will open up opportunities to the students.

“We have a really good connection with the University of Salford and have actually had about five or six graduates from there. The Graphic Design course teaches you absolutely everything you need to know to jump straight into a job.”

The event was the brainchild of Jo Greenhalgh, Lecturer in Graphic Design. She said: “It was a very successful evening and we’re pleased with how many professionals attended.

“We’ve had great feedback from industry about how proficient our students were and on the high quality of the work presented. In addition to this, we are really pleased that some students have received offers of placements and freelance work.”

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