Fix your bike scheme to promote Active Travel

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

The government has announced an incentive to get people back on their bikes in an effort tackle health and environmental challenges. Under the scheme, the government will offer £50 bike repair vouchers in a strategy that aims to boost cycling and tackle obesity. 

The University’s Healthy Active Cities Group looks at transport research with a focus on the role of sustainable and active travel.  Here is what our experts have to say in response to the announcement.

Nick Davies, Research Fellow said: “Transport policy makers are finally beginning to look at how to enable more cycling by thinking about the barriers from the users (and non-users) perspective. Maintenance is a huge part of being confident to cycle, and cycle regularly. Bikes are relatively straightforward to maintain if you know what you are doing, but people need a push and to feel encouraged.

“The plans to increase safe cycling infrastructure is crucial to make this scheme work. It will encourage those people who favour cars for trips to consider bikes by removing the fear factor around safety. “

Luke Blazejewski, Research Assistant said: “This investment is a sign of the government’s commitment to start tackling those common barriers to active travel. The announcement of creating Active Travel England to oversee the guidelines surrounding cycling and walking policy is very encouraging, as this will give researchers such as ourselves a very clear organisation to approach with the findings of our ongoing research projects – as well as potential future collaborations.”

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